Creating emotional landscapes in minds & hearts.

Excellence in communication and branding: strategy, design, photography & interior.

Forward to the roots

The world needs brands and individuals that inspire sustainable behavior, thinking and feeling. Looking inwards to their roots and forwards to a future of connection. I’m here to support the creation and growth of these brands.

Brand Photography

For me, a garden needs flowers to come fully alive. The same goes for communicating your brand. You are invited to talk to me about sensual, emotional, warm, magical brand photography.


Marco Pe | flexia, UNU
Anna Kuusela

Jessica versteht viel von Mystik, Tiefe und Ästhetik, die nicht von dieser tristen Welt sein kann.

Ich habe mit Jessica schon viele Male gearbeitet und um eins bin ich mir bei ihr immer sicher: Das Ergebnis wird höchste Qualität haben. Sie hat einen Blick für das, worum es geht. Sie fühlt und kreiert die Bilder so, dass man immer wieder überrascht ist: „Wow, DAS bin ich?!“ Ich weiß, ich werde noch einige Male mit Jessica zusammen arbeiten, ich warte nur noch auf die passende Gelegenheit. 🙂

Anastasia Umrik
Lesley Sevriens

Jessica truly embodies our brand and it’s essence. This is an invaluable quality that enables us to trust her blindly with our brand communication.

A few months ago, the necessity for a new branding arose. To me, it felt like a challenge I couldn’t overcome. I didn’t even know where to start and with whom. Jessica made everything seem so feasible, possible and clear. She has a very beautiful and easygoing way of leading a conversation and made me feel safe. She is very good at explaining her strategy, a very good listener and I always feel like my needs are observed very carefully.

Kerstin | malinastories
Paul | Tacker Productions