The Hyacinth

Impactful, emotion-driven storytelling.

The Hyacinth

Impactful, emotion-driven storytelling.

You have just entered a secret garden that holds many a treasure for you.

You pass by an ancient tree, deeply rooted in the soil. Countless branches forming a protective roof. Those branches are made of my services: Why-Finding, Branding & stunning Websites.


Your brand will be just like this tree. Solidly based with enough space to grow as many branches as needed. A beautiful yet strong force of nature.

„My friends,

I address you all as you truly are; travelers, adventurers, magicians… Come and dream with me.“

Though borrowed from Georges Méliès, these words speak my truth as a Creative Director as well. As a little girl, I indulged in my fantastic imagination and day dreamed whenever I could. Today I create those dreams for my clients: make their heart’s desire and vision come true, give their imagination a silhouette and help create not only a face but also a soul for their brand.

Jessica Prautzsch
Creative Director

Discover brands I have shaped.

The variety of this garden is limitless. So is your potential.

Together, we will weave your essence into your brand. So that it becomes truly unique, truly amazing and truly the brand you envisioned. Let’s embark on this journey, dear soulpreneur.