forward to the roots

The world needs brands and individuals that inspire sustainable behavior, thinking and feeling. Looking inwards to their roots and forwards to a future of connection. I’m here to support the creation and growth of these brands.

it's about selling giving

[or: who I'd love to support]

Brands that do things differently by breaking with old common sense knowledge and creating new ways for their audience. Brands that live sustainability and know what it takes to be a pioneer and role model. Brands that inspire and move their customers to action, transforming the state of being and increasing the frequency of people. And last but not least: brands that create beauty, little magic moments and wellbeing.

some words about me

I am driven by conscious creativity and led by intuition

the seeds we grow

[or: what I'd love to give you]

I offer tailor-made services and pricing. From consulting sessions to workshops and long-term co-creationships.


Creative Consulting & Strategy

Find clarity and get ready to birth and position your brand.

Branding &
Web Design

How will your brand communicate and become visible?

tree of life

Content Strategy & Marketing

Your brand is ready to grow and get in touch with its audience!

flower garden

Brand Photography

A garden needs flowers to become fully alive. The same goes for communicating your brand: instead of flowers, it’s sensual photo- and videography that makes your brand tangible.

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