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My heart is a dark forest

Introducing my first collection of visual poetry, a journey that began over a decade ago. These photographs emerged from a deeply personal exploration that initially visualized the pain of a lost love, moving through waves of grief, anger and despair before finally reaching acceptance. They stand as silent testimonies to the healing process of my heart. Over time, the original collection evolved to include a new element: the desire to find a sense of belonging and the inner peace and tranquility that accompany that feeling. Each image strives to gently remind us of the beauty of our own fragility. The beauty that lies in all our emotions. The beauty of life and all its facets.


Tranquillité is a collection of classy black & white portraits with a pinch of fashion and beauty.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a collection of portraits captured in those rare moments when time appeared to stand still, when there was complete peace and a deep space for introspection.

Limited Editions

Fine Art Giclée Prints

Limited premium Giclée prints in museum quality with maximum durability on a large selection of hand-picked artist papers, e.g. from Hahnemühle.